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Community Terms of Service

Before we begin – Are you younger than 16? If so, Sorry! You can’t have an account for our website.

1.Your Acceptance

A.You must be legally able to accept the Terms of Service.

You affirm that you are either more than 18 years of age, or an emancipated minor, or possess legal parental or guardian consent, and are fully able and competent to enter into the terms, conditions, obligations, affirmations, representations, and warranties set forth in these Terms of Service, and to abide by and comply with these Terms of Service. You affirm that you are over the age of 16, as the Aiper Websites are not intended for children under 16. If you are under 16 years of age then you are not permitted to have an account on the Aiper Websites.

B.You must accept these terms to use the Aiper Websites.

All websites maintained by us, i.e., Aiper, LLC and our affiliates including without limitation all content and functionality available through, including any website extensions such as widgets and gadgets, and all products, software, applications, and services offered through the websites, shall be collectively referred to as “Aiper Intelligent Company”. By using and/or visiting the Aiper Websites you, the user, signify your agreement to (1) these terms and conditions (the “Terms of Service”), (2) Aiper privacy policy, available at, and incorporated herein by reference (the “Aiper Privacy Policy”), and (3) the Aiper Community Rules, available at, and incorporated herein by reference (the “Aiper Community Rules”), and any modifications thereto. If you do not agree to the Terms of Service, the Aiper Privacy Policy, and the Aiper Community Rules, then you are not permitted to use and/or visit this Website.

C.By using the Aiper Websites, you indicate to us that you agree to the Terms of Service. We will change these Terms of Service occasionally, so make sure you stay up to date.

These Terms of Service apply to all users of the Aiper Websites. Aiper reserves the right to amend these Terms of Service at any time. Aiper will post a notification of any such modifications in the Official Terms of Service Modification Thread found within the Aiper Community Announcement thread (the “Official Modification Thread”). It is your responsibility to either periodically review these Terms of Service for any such modifications or to subscribe to the Official Modification Thread in order to be notified of modifications. Each modification to these Terms of Service shall become effective ten days after a notification of the modification is posted in the Official Modification Thread. Your continued use of the Aiper Websites after the modification of these Terms of Service becomes effective following this ten day period and signifies your assent to and acceptance of the amended terms and provisions. If you do not agree to the announced changes, you have the option of deleting your account before the end of the 10 day period.

2.We are not responsible for issues you have with third party websites and apps that we may link to. We are responsible solely for the Aiper Websites.

Aiper may contain links to third party websites that are not owned or controlled by Aiper. Also, Aiper is not affiliated with or responsible for any mobile apps based on the Aiper Websites. Aiper has no control over, and–except to the extent required by applicable law–assumes no responsibility for, the content, privacy policies, or practices of any third party websites. In addition, Aiper will not and cannot censor or edit the content of any third party site. Accordingly, we encourage you to be aware when you leave Aiper and to read the terms and conditions and privacy policy of each other website that you visit. By using the Aiper Websites, you expressly relieve Aiper from any and all liability arising from your use of any third party website or mobile apps.

3.You are responsible for what happens through your account and we may hold you liable for losses resulting from improper use.

In order to access some features of the Aiper Websites, you will have to create a Aiper account. You may never use another individual’s account without permission. When creating your account, you must provide accurate and complete information. You are solely responsible for the activity that occurs on your account, and you must keep your account password secure. You must notify Aiper immediately of any breach of security or unauthorized use of your account. Although Aiper is not liable for your losses caused by any unauthorized use of your account, you may be liable for the losses of Aiper or others due to such unauthorized use.

4.Aiper User Submissions

A.Your submissions.

You may upload and/or may have uploaded forum threads, forum replies, reviews, session reports, Aiper Lists, photographs, files, hyperlinks, ratings, tags, comments, blog posts, and other visual or textual content to Aiper (the “User Submissions”). You represent and warrant that none of your User Submissions are illegal, obscene, threatening, defamatory, invasive of privacy, infringing of any intellectual property rights, injurious to third parties, or otherwise objectionable to Aiper in its sole discretion, including but not limited to commercial solicitation, mass mailings, political campaigning, chain letters, or any form of “spam” (as determined by Aiper in its sole discretion). Aiper does not provide for any confidentiality with respect to any User Submissions. Aiper reserves the right to remove or delete User Submissions without prior notice.

B.Don’t upload anything that isn’t yours without permission, especially personal information.

You shall not upload User Submissions containing material that is copyrighted, protected by trademark or trade secret, or otherwise subject to third-party proprietary rights, including privacy and publicity rights, including privacy and publicity rights, unless you are the owner of such rights or have permissions from their rightful owner to post the material and to grant Aiper all of the licenses granted herein. Do not upload or post any personal information of another person without the express permission of the person it pertains to.

You shall be solely responsible for all of your User Submissions and the consequences of uploading them.

C.You own the rights to your User Submissions and give us the right to use them for their purposes in the Aiper Websites.

You represent and warrant that you own or have the necessary licenses, rights, consents, and permissions to use and authorize Aiper to use all patent, trademark, trade secret, copyright, and all other intellectual property rights or other proprietary rights in and to any and all User Submissions, to enable inclusion and use of the User Submissions in the manner contemplated by the Aiper Websites and these Terms of Service, such as displaying the User Submission in discussion forums. You grant Aiper the right to use your name and account username in connection with your User Submissions.

D.You still own your User Submissions, but you grant us a license to them.

You retain all of your ownership rights in your User Submissions. By uploading User Submissions to Aiper, you hereby grant Aiper a worldwide, non-exclusive, royalty-free, perpetual, sublicensable, and transferable license to use, reproduce, distribute, adapt, modify, prepare derivative works of, display, and perform the User Submissions in connection with the Aiper Websites, website extensions, and the business of Aiper and its successors and affiliates, including without limitation for promoting the Aiper Websites in any media formats and through any media channels.

E.You also grant other users a license to your User Submissions.

By uploading User Submissions to Aiper, you hereby grant each user of the Aiper Websites a non-exclusive license to access your User Submissions through the Aiper Websites, and to use, reproduce, distribute, display, and perform such User Submissions as permitted through the functionality of the Aiper Websites and under these Terms of Service.

F.We may keep deleted User Submissions.

You understand and agree that Aiper may retain, but not display, distribute, or perform, server copies of User Submissions that have been removed or deleted.

G.Don’t upload anything illegal or against our rules.

You agree that you will not, in connection with User Submissions, submit material that is contrary to applicable local, national, and international laws and regulations, or that is contrary to the Aiper Community Rules, which may be updated from time to time.

H.We don’t endorse or control what users submit.

Aiper does not endorse any User Submissions or any opinion, recommendation, or advice expressed therein, and Aiper expressly disclaims any and all liability in connection with User Submissions. User Submissions are made available “AS IS.” You understand and agree that when using the Aiper Websites you will be exposed to User Submissions from a variety of sources and that Aiper is not responsible for the accuracy, usefulness, safety, or intellectual property rights of or relating to such User Submissions. You further understand and agree that you may be exposed to User Submissions that are inaccurate, objectionable, offensive, or indecent, and you agree to waive, and hereby do waive, any legal or equitable rights or remedies you have or may have against Aiper with respect to User Submissions.

I.If you link to certain sites, we may receive affiliate credit.

If your user content contains a link to a site with whom we have an affiliate agreement, we may modify the link to include our affiliate identification. We may then receive an affiliate fee if other users follow that link.

5.You must follow our rules when using the Aiper Websites, or we can prevent you from further use. See below for some specific rules for our users.

Aiper hereby grants you permission to access and make personal use of the Aiper Websites as set forth in these Terms of Service, but not to download or modify the Aiper Websites or any portion of the Aiper Websites except with express written consent, provided that:

A.Follow our rules and don’t break the law.

In connection with use of the Aiper Websites, you shall abide by these Terms of Service, the Aiper Privacy Policy incorporated herein by reference, the Aiper Community Rules incorporated herein by reference, and all applicable local, state, federal, and international laws and regulations, including but not limited to laws and regulations pertaining to libel, slander, defamation, harassment, invasion of privacy, tort, obscenity, indecency, and copyright or trademark infringement. The violation of applicable laws and/or regulations may give rise to civil and/or criminal penalties.

B.How not to use the Aiper Websites:

i.Don’t slam our servers with “robots” or “spiders”.

You shall not use or launch any automated system, including without limitation “robots,” “spiders,” or “offline readers,” that accesses the Aiper Websites in a manner that sends more request messages to the Aiper servers in a given period of time than a human can reasonably produce in the same period by using a conventional online web browser, except as expressly permitted by Aiper.

ii.Don’t systematically collect user data

You agree not to collect or harvest any personally identifiable information, including but not limited to account names, from the Aiper Websites. You may collect user data as needed for trades, sales, or other interactions, in accordance with these Terms of Service.

iii. Don’t use our sites for commercial purposes

You agree not to use the communication systems provided by the Aiper Websites for any commercial solicitation purposes.

C.Don’t make unauthorized changes to the Aiper Websites

You shall not alter or modify any parts of the Aiper Websites, including but not limited to Aiper’s website extensions or any of its related technologies, except as expressly permitted by Aiper.

D.Really, don’t use the sites for unauthorized commercial purposes:

You shall not use the Aiper Websites for any commercial purposes without the prior written authorization of Aiper. Prohibited commercial uses include without limitation any of the following actions taken without Aiper’s express written approval: (i) sale of access to the Website or their related services, such as any website extensions; (ii) use of the Aiper Websites or their related services, such as any website extensions or APIs, for the primary purpose of gaining advertising or subscription revenue; (iii) the sale of advertising, on the Aiper Websites or any third-party website, targeted to the content of specific User Submissions or Aiper content; and (iv) any use of the Aiper Websites or APIs that Aiper finds, in its sole discretion, to use Aiper’s resources or User Submissions with the effect of competing with or displacing the market for Aiper, Aiper content, or its User Submissions.

E.Don’t make unauthorized copies of anything on the site

You shall not engage in the use, copying, or distribution of any of the User Submissions other than expressly permitted herein, including any use, copying, or distribution of User Submissions of third parties obtained through the Aiper Websites for any commercial purposes. You shall not circumvent, disable, or otherwise interfere with security-related features of Aiper or features that prevent or restrict use or copying of any User Submissions or enforce limitations on use of Aiper or the User Submissions therein.

F.You must abide by proper privacy practices.

You must establish and agree to maintain and adhere to privacy practices for your store(s) that comply with applicable state, federal, and international laws and regulations.

6.Prohibition Against Rogue Programming

You shall not upload, post, transmit, or otherwise make available in any way through the Aiper Websites any software or other materials that contain a computer virus, Trojan horse, bug, time bomb, worm, or other rogue programming (“Rogue Programming”). Aiper has no obligation to detect the presence of any Rogue Programming. Any download of software, files, or other materials or any other use of the content on Aiper is at your risk. You are advised to take adequate precautions to minimize any loss to your system caused by Rogue Programming, including the use of anti-virus programs and proper backup of files.

7.Account Termination Policy

Aiper may terminate a user’s access to the Aiper Websites if the user is determined, in Aiper’s sole discretion, to have infringed these Terms of Service or the Aiper Community Rules. Aiper reserves the right to decide whether a User Submission is appropriate and complies with these Terms of Service for violations such as, but not limited to, pornographic, obscene, or defamatory material. Aiper may remove such User Submissions and/or terminate a user’s access for uploading such material in violation of these Terms of Service at any time, without prior notice and at its sole discretion. Accounts and the personal information we possess about you will be deleted in accordance with our Privacy Policy. If you have had your account terminated for cause, you are not permitted to create a new account.

8.Aiper is based in the USA and may not be usable in your country

The Aiper Websites are controlled and offered by Aiper from its facilities in the United States of America. Aiper makes no representations that the Aiper Websites is appropriate or available for use in other locations. Those who access or use the Aiper Websites from other jurisdictions do so at their own volition and are responsible for compliance with local law.

A.To the maximum extent permitted by law, you agree to defend, indemnify, and hold harmless Aiper, Aiper, LLC, and its owners, operators, officers, directors, employees, affiliates, assigns, and agents, from and against any and all actions, claims, damages, obligations, losses, liabilities, costs or debt, and expenses (including without limitation attorneys’ fees) arising from or in connection with: (i) your use of and access to the Aiper Websites; (ii) your violation of any term or provision of these Terms of Service; (iii) your failure to abide by applicable local, state, federal, and international law; (iv) your violation of any third party right, including without limitation any copyright, trademark, property, or privacy right; (v) any claim that one of your User Submissions caused damage to a third party; (vi) any breach of any representation, warranty, or agreement made by you in these Terms of Service; or (vii) your disclosure, use, storage, or processing of personal information in violation of any applicable state, federal, or international privacy laws. Aiper reserves the right to assume the exclusive defense and control of any matter otherwise subject to indemnification by you, and in such case, you agree to cooperate with Aiper’s defense of such claim. In any case, you may not settle any third-party claim against us unless we consent to such settlement.

This defense and indemnification obligation survives these Terms of Service and your use of the Aiper Websites.


A.This caption, and all others, are not part of the Terms of Service

The captions contained herein are for reference purposes only and are not part of this agreement.

B.We don’t have to keep the site up

Aiper reserves the right to discontinue any aspect of the Aiper Websites at any time.

C.Respect our Trademarks

Aiper, Aiper, and the Aiper and Aiper graphics, logos, page headers, button icons, scripts, and service names are trademarks, registered trademarks, or trade dress of Aiper, LLC or its affiliates in the United States and/or other countries. These trademarks, registered trademarks, and trade dress may not be used in connection with any product or service without the express written approval of Aiper, or in any manner that is likely to cause confusion among consumers, or in any manner that disparages or discredits Aiper. All other trademarks not owned by Aiper that appear on the Aiper Websites are the property of their respective owners, who may or may not be affiliated with, connected to, or sponsored by Aiper. Unless otherwise specified, all software used on this site is the property of Aiper, LLC or its affiliates and is protected by United States and international copyright laws.

D.All other rights reserved

Aiper reserves all rights not expressly granted herein.

Those provisions of the Terms of Service that expressly or by their nature survive will continue in full force and effect even if you stop using our services or if you terminate your account. For example, we will still have rights under these Terms of Service to any User Submissions. Also, everything that you have represented to us in the Terms of Service will survive indefinitely.



Please understand, this is an early version of the Terms of Service agreement, and Aiper reserves the right to edit or expand this agreement. When such an event occurs, an announcement will be made in the Aiper news forum and will be in effect immediately. Continued use of our community indicates you have read and accepted any changes made by Aiper.