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    • Hello everybody! Welcome to the Aiper community.

      Everyone is welcome to stay and participate in our community as long as you follow our rules. If you cannot or will not follow our rules, you will be asked to leave. But they are easy rules to follow and are designed to make sure that everyone feels welcome and comfortable contributing to the community.

      This community will be closely monitored to keep the discussion from being derailed by off-topic, dismissive, or otherwise inappropriate comments. Our moderators use their discretion to remove comments that they judge to be disruptive to those ongoing discussions. One of our goals in moderating discussions is to create space for people to share their concerns and discuss those concerns without being interrupted. We believe that quickly removing disruptive comments is the only option that allows discussions to continue uninterrupted.

      These rules are in addition to those covered under the Aiper Terms of Service. These Aiper Community Rules apply to all of your User Submissions, as defined in the Terms of Service.

      If it is something you share through our site that other people can see, then it is subject to our rules.

      Community Rules

      • Do not violate the Aiper Terms of Service
      • Do not post anything racist, sexist, objectifying, or in any way discriminatory  
      • Do not harass anyone for any reason
      • Do not post anything disruptive to ongoing discussions, such as comments that are trolling, antagonizing, derailing, etc.
      • Do not complain or comment about moderation – comments about moderation derail discussions and are only permitted in the designated complaints forum
      • Do not use, coordinate, or encourage multiple accounts to brigade content in a disruptive way on Aiper websites
      • Do not post anything that causes a disruption in any other way not already listed
      • Forum moderators have the final say in determining what is appropriate
      • Do not post anything that would indicate a financial transfer between users
      • Do not post anything linking to something that would result in financial gain

      Help Us Moderate Our Community

      Aiper is starting small with big aspirations in turning this into a thriving pool community. To start, we need your help in both making sure discussions remain civil and showing support for your fellow community members. If there is any question a community member needs help with that you believe you can add valuable feedback to, please share. We’re developing a reward tier for helpful information so your help will go a long way to not only helping others in the community, but in the future, earning exclusive rewards and discounts.

      Please note that this is an early draft of the Aiper Community Guidelines. We may, at any time, expand or revise these guidelines in order to create and grow a healthy Aiper community. Changes to this document will be announced in the Aiper News forum.



      The Aiper Team


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    • Unable to upload images unfortunately 🙁

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    • Unable to upload images unfortunately 🙁

      I’ll speak with the technical team. Admins only recently received image posting access again last week, if you’re looking to post an image for the contest, feel free to send an image directly to me for the moment and i’ll post it on you behalf.



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      Until now, there is no update at all and your official contact number is always switching off.


      Are you a complete scam?


      If I do not receive any response within 3 days I will seek legal action over you.






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