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Aiper Seagull Pro lifts its front wheels en turns, doesn’t clean.

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    • Hi,

      I’ve got an Seagull Pro which used to work great until now.

      When I put it in the pool and it reaches the bottom, it lifts its front wheels, put the front wheels on the ground and turns. And does it again and again and again. And then the red light comes on and it stops.

      Why does it do that and what can I do?


    • Hi Floris,


      We’re sorry that you’re encountering this issue. Our R&D team has informed us of two ways to troubleshoot this issue:

      1. Try to loosen the back wheels of the Seagull Pro, as this has the opportunity to correct the pathing of the machine and resolve the issue.

      2. Ensure that your collection tray isn’t complete when this issue occurs, as this can affect the Seagull Pro’s suction.


      If you’re still having issues with your product after trying these resolutions please consider reaching out to our VIP customer service team at

      • I am having the same issue as Floris.  What do you mean by this this? Ensure that your collection tray isn’t complete when this issue occurs”  Do you mean full?  My collection tray is empty.  I have not had it very long.  Hope I can get it to stop just raising up the front wheels and not completing a full path across my pool.  It used to work perfectly.






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