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Aiper Seagull Pro mode knob stuck/electrical

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    • Bought our Seagull Pro last June. About a month after the mode knob started getting stuck… we have to make several tries and wiggles to make it move.

      And to make matters worst… this week we noticed a burnt smell, went to see what it was… the charging cable tip literaly got fused with the charging port.

      Opened a claim with Aiper.

      Waiting to see how it will be handled

    • Good day I have the same problem, to the extend that I am afraid to brake the knob while I am trying to start the cleaning.


      I may have to contact wiper and return the product since it still is under warranty.





    • Hi guys,


      Especially with the smoke, please stop using the product immediately. Please contact with your issues. Our VIP line is quicker to respond to your problems.


      Thank you.

    • I am having the same issue with mine. After charging it the knob gets stuck and is hard to turn in any direction. I wrote Aiper and they say it sounds like sand in the switch. I asked for something to show me how to disassemble this thing and a get a short video on the switch. I need to know how to I even get to the switch? After reading lots of others have the same issue Im thinking its no sand.

    • I too am now having the same issue with the switch very difficult to turn.
      this seems to be not an isolated incident. Please advise what to do next.





Viewing 4 reply threads
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