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Aiper Seagull SE Not Moving

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    • Hey everyone, I have a one year old Seagull SE. It ran for the first week we opened the pool this year then stopped working. The lights turn on and stay blue. Once it’s in the pool it’ll sit for a moment, then it turns itself off. It’s clean and there are no obstructions. Anyone else have this problem? Thank you.

    • I am having a similair issue, same unit. It too is about a year old. Rolled the cover off, ran it several times and it was working fine for the first week. Now, the unit runs to a wall and then fails to reverse. It sits for several minutes and then turns itself off. I have cleaned it several times, no obstructions. Very disappointed this has happened and it seems to be a common issue with these units.

      Any troubleshooting Aiper can provide beyond “making sure the unit is clean and free of obstructions” would be greatly appreciated.

    • Aiper, please advise. We are having the same issue as the above comments. If there is no resolution soon, we will move on to another brand and unfortunately give your brand bad reviews. Cheers!

    • I’m also having the same issue with my device. It will move forward and the lights on the back are white and then when it hits the wall, the back door closes but the lights then turn blue and the front door does not open enabling it to move backwards. previously, I had never seen the lights change from white to blue. I have checked for obstructions, but there are none. With the device outside of the water when I tip it out a certain angle, the front door opens this, but this does not happen with the back door.

    • Having the same problem here too.  Also 1+ year old as I bought it before last season in March.  Used it 3 or 4 times this year.  Put it in today and it ran to the wall and stopped.  Blue light turned to white briefly and not it just won’t move (or even register a blue light if I try to charge it.  Afraid it might be dead after 1 year’s use.  I guess we get what we pay for as it is not that expensive.






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Viewing 4 reply threads
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