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Aiper Seagull SE won’t go or run reverse / backwards

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    • Hi All!

      I purchased the 2023 version of the Aiper Seagull SE this summer and after a few uses, I noticed it wouldn’t go in reverse any longer.  It starts moving and seems to just stay there when it reaches the pool’s end. I confirmed that no debris was blocking the ports that drive the unit & the battery was always fully charged. I also confirmed that the wheels were working as well.

      After a closer look, I filled up the bathtub and tested it there – the unit seemed to stop throwing water on the side that would drive it in reverse, but would oddly work on the other side to move it forward. Anyway, I let the unit soak overnight I tested it again and it seemed to work!

      I just thought I’d let you all know in case this helps someone else – Apparently just letting the unit soak seems to resolve the issue.

    • Hey Paul,


      First of all, we’re sorry you had difficulties with your purchase and i’m glad you found a solution! Hopefully this helps anyone else who runs into the same issue you do, although, we hope thats nobody.






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Viewing 1 reply thread
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