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Seagull Plus dumps debris back into pool when lifted out

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    • Just bought it and used it only twice.  It does remove debris and has a very fine mesh filter for removing even small stuff which is great.  The problem is, both times I’ve lifted the  unit out of the pool, it dumped a fair amount of debris back into the pool.  I’ve been using the chat feature and have spoken twice to reps, one of whom sent me a promotional video on the Pro model???  A video won’t help, I need a solution to why this is happening.  Truly I’m already wondering if there is a flaw in the design because I have seen at least 2 others in here reported the same problem.  I’m guessing the Pro model may not have the same problem because it has a debris basket rather than just a flat screen.  I would like to keep the unit but if it always dumps debris back into the pool, I will have no choice but to return it.


      Jim Baldwin

    • A minor update.  I’m more concerned now because I saw there are numerous reports on Amazon of the same issue.






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Viewing 1 reply thread
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