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Seagull Pro drive motors

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    • Hello – I need help with repairing my Seagull pro. 

      The cleaner will turn on and go to the bottom of the pool as expected. When it tries to drive forward it will turn hard to the left. It only tries to move for a few seconds but turns hard left. Tries to back up, same thing, like the wheels on the left had side aren’t working. After trying to move forward and backward it will stay still for about 2 minutes and then the lights will turn red.
      Out of the water, it feels like there is a lot of resistance to turn the wheels on the left side of the robot. The wheels and brush on the right side turn easily, but the left side requires much more force.
      I removed the wheels to check for problems in the drive gears or wheel hubs. The wheel hubs are clean and all drive gears are in good condition. The cleaner was working well up to this point.
    • I am having the same issues as well with my seagull pro.  Only had the unit for about a month and has worked great until today.

      There appears to be a failure of the wheel drive system on one side so it just spins in circles forwards and backwards.

      There is no obstruction and the wheels can be manually spun, seems like the motor is just not operating.

    • Hi guys,


      This issue others have called “bunny hopping” and occurred in a low number of our earlier units. Please email, and we’ll help get you new units.

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Viewing 3 reply threads
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