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Seagull Pro issues

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    • My Seagull Pro does an OK job and wanted to alert you to some issues I am having:

      1) It climbed walls once – since then, once it gets to the surface, it loses suction and does somersaults

      2) Continually gets stuck on the drain – even when pool is off

      3) The machine seems to be cleaning the same spot over and over in floor only mode.  It docent seem to map at all.

      Any suggestions to remediate these issues?


    • (Following… my new Seagull Pro also hangs up constantly on the pool main drain covers – even when pool filter pump is off. )

      • Hi Andrew,

        i just bought a seagull pro for an above-ground pool.  i have the same issue where the robot, at some point stays on the same spot.

        did you get an answer about this from support ?

        thank you


    • Hi Andrew,


      Interesting situation. Could you email me a video of this? Maybe if I see whats happening I’ll have a better idea of how to help you.

    • Hi all, I am also having the same situation (stuck on main drain cover) and I have spent hours looking for a solution. Did you find a solution?

    • Hi all, I am also having the same situation (stuck on main drain cover) and I have spent hours looking for a solution. Did you find a solution?

      Hi Daniel,


      We’re sorry that you’re encountering this issue. We suggest reaching out to our VIP customer service team at to find a resolution.

    • I am having the same issue of my Seagull Pro getting stuck on the main drains even though the pool is not running.  The cover grills have about a 1 inch raise, which I understand is for safety.  The robot climbs on top of the drain and that’s it.  I will spend the rest of of the cleaning time right there.

      If this can’t be fixed, the Seagull is basically useless.  Here is a picture of it stuck on one of my two drains.Seagull Pro stuck on drain

    • Still having the same issue here. There are several things that bother me about this.

      1. It keeps getting stuck.

      2. An easy fix it seems would be to have the robot notice when it is not moving and use it’s propellors to gain some height. That would require a software/firmware upgrade. But since there’s no way to communicate with the Seagull, I don’t see any way for a software or firmware upgrade to happen. This thing is basically a very big, expensive and nice looking paperweight.

      3. Support is not good. I have sent many emails and have yet to receive a single response.

    • Hallo unser Problem ist das der Seagull Pro sehr gut funktioniert hat aber nach dem letzten laden lässt er sich nicht mehr einschalten, wenn das Ladegerät angeschlossen wird erscheint ein rotes Blinklicht und ein Warnton. Gemäß Bedienungsanleitung entweder gefluteter Motor oder blockierter Antrieb, da ist aber alles frei. Hat jemand eine Lösung?

    • I just received my Seagull Pro and was so excited that I would have a clean pool for the weekend, and I put it in the water and it makes a couple of passes before getting stuck on the drain. I take the hook and push it off so it can move again, and after 2 more swipes it comes right back to the drain and gets hung up. Is this for real? If this is the normal performance for this piece of pool equipment, I will respectfully ask for a refund.  Aiper Team please advise!


      Thanks so much!


    • I bought some rubber tires from Amazon and modified and super glued them to the rear wheels. It raises them. 25″ and doesn’t get stuck on drains anymore.

    • Link to tires:

      I cut lip off with exactly, and used super glue gel.

    • Why can’t I edit?  “exacto”

    • Hey All,

      I had the same issue and I was told to dislodge it whenever it gets stuck and they’d give me a $50 credit.  Are you kidding me? Needless to say, I sent it back and purchased a different brand. Terrible engineering if it gets stuck on a common pool drain.





Viewing 12 reply threads
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