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Seagull Pro not charging

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    • I have a Seagull Pro purchased in May 2023. It is no longer charging. The charger brick has a green light but the light ring on the cleaner  is not flashing blue to indicate it is charging. Turning the ring to a cycle results in a red ring, which means the charge is very low? Suggestions? Is there a reset button?  Thank you



    • I have exactly the same problem.

    • Hi guys, we’re terribly sorry you’re both experiencing this problem. I don’t think i’ve encountered this feedback before. If you have a video, that would be great! Please email me directly at and i’ll help you with your cases.

    • I had the exact same problem.

      Solution: unplug the charger from the wall for a few hours (minutes “might” be enough)

      More details: Despite the green light on the charger, I used a multimeter to test the barrel plug that goes into the robot, and to my surprise there was no DC current going to it. I tried to unplug the charger from the wall for around 10 seconds and try again with no results. So, I unplugged everything overnight (and day as I went to work). I plugged everything back in today, and to my surprise the robot started charging again.
      My charger is on a covered patio away from any moisture, but we had some extremely hard rain the night before I had the symptoms you did which led me to think that maybe some moisture got in. However, the charger still stayed green which was very deceiving.

    • Same problem here.  Unplugged the charging brick for a few minutes and it’s fixed… at least for now.  Thanks, Patrick

    • Hello.

      This is my first time with an Aiper device. I bought it last tuesday.

      I have charged the Seagull Pro for the first time and after several hours of charging, the blue light is still flashing.

      I have tried changing the plug and it does the same.

      Best regards.

    • Hi.

      The problem is worse than I thought, because without connecting it to the charger, I turned the mode selector wheel and nothing happens and no light on the thumbwheel comes on.

      Best regards.

    • Hey All, i just submitted a service ticket today for the same thing. I plug it in the green light slowly flashes. But it will not turn on.

      I tried the power off of the power supply and then waited overnight and no success.

      • I have the same issue.  I just unboxed my seagull pro lite.   it is pulsating green after 24 hours of charging, but when I disconnect the charging plug it is DEAD.   Any help appreciated

    • After not being used for the duration of winter, I tried to recharge it and got the same symptoms. I tried to leave disconnected for several minutes and reconnect it and the fix worked. Thanks for this topic!

    • I retract what I wrote above, it still flashes green and does not charge.

    • I’m having a similar issue – I started a cleaning cycle, and a few hours later found the Seagull Pro sitting idle near a pool wall (as expected), pulled it out, turned it off and set it on my deck for a few minutes while I swam.  Afterward, I removed the basket cleaned it, then plugged the charger back into the robot.  No response.

      There was some unplugging, re-plugging, turning on, off, etc.  After letting it sit plugged in for about 18 hours, it still was not responding to anything, but I suspected maybe the power light (the “off” position) was glowing a faint red.  So, I brought the charger and robot into the house to confirm – yes, it is glowing a faint red (not readily visible in sunlight) when plugged in.

      I’ve sent an email to as suggested above back in September ’23, and have left everything unplugged and the robot sitting in the sun, in case it got moist – maybe the sunlight will help it dry out if that’s what happened.

    • I am having the same problem. I have been emailing back and forth with Aiper, have tried everything they have suggested and it still won’t work.  They are now saying it is the motor. No problem last year, stored over the winter and now it will not charge. We have had this less than a year. They are saying I have to send it back and they will send me a refurbished machine.  Really? I paid $780 for this and that is their answer. They will give me one that they got back because it was not working, they fixed it and now are replacing my NEW one with an old one. Not really happy about that. It doesn’t sound like I can ask for a refund…

    • Oh, that’s frustrating… I left mine out in the sun for several hours today while the charging block was unplugged (from both the wall and the robot).  Plugged everything back in, and same response.  Faint red light and that’s it.

      I’ve gotten a comical AI response from Aiper (not really relevant at all, but useful advice in an extremely generic sense), and an auto-response saying I can expect a real response next week.  In the meantime, it’s taking up residence in my breakfast area 🙂


      • Just posting a follow up to this – I did get a real response, and they told me the same thing (send it back, and we’ll send you a refurb).  I made a little noise about that, and they agreed to send me a new one instead.

        They covered the return shipping, but I’d already disposed of the original box, so I had to provide a new one to protect it.  I ended up just giving it to FedEx and paying them for a box and packing – about $15.

        I think they shipped the new one as soon as they were notified that FedEx had the package (or the next day), and I received the new robot… last week I think.  I forget exactly which day. The new one is slightly different than my original – the rubber plug for the charging port is blue instead of black, and the charger brick is much smaller, a fraction of the original brick’s size.

        So far, I’ve used it two or three times, and so far so good.  Fingers are crossed for no more issues!






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