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Seagull Pro not charging

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    • I have a Seagull Pro purchased in May 2023. It is no longer charging. The charger brick has a green light but the light ring on the cleaner  is not flashing blue to indicate it is charging. Turning the ring to a cycle results in a red ring, which means the charge is very low? Suggestions? Is there a reset button?  Thank you



    • I have exactly the same problem.

    • Hi guys, we’re terribly sorry you’re both experiencing this problem. I don’t think i’ve encountered this feedback before. If you have a video, that would be great! Please email me directly at and i’ll help you with your cases.

    • I had the exact same problem.

      Solution: unplug the charger from the wall for a few hours (minutes “might” be enough)

      More details: Despite the green light on the charger, I used a multimeter to test the barrel plug that goes into the robot, and to my surprise there was no DC current going to it. I tried to unplug the charger from the wall for around 10 seconds and try again with no results. So, I unplugged everything overnight (and day as I went to work). I plugged everything back in today, and to my surprise the robot started charging again.
      My charger is on a covered patio away from any moisture, but we had some extremely hard rain the night before I had the symptoms you did which led me to think that maybe some moisture got in. However, the charger still stayed green which was very deceiving.

    • Same problem here.  Unplugged the charging brick for a few minutes and it’s fixed… at least for now.  Thanks, Patrick

    • Hello.

      This is my first time with an Aiper device. I bought it last tuesday.

      I have charged the Seagull Pro for the first time and after several hours of charging, the blue light is still flashing.

      I have tried changing the plug and it does the same.

      Best regards.

    • Hi.

      The problem is worse than I thought, because without connecting it to the charger, I turned the mode selector wheel and nothing happens and no light on the thumbwheel comes on.

      Best regards.

    • Hey All, i just submitted a service ticket today for the same thing. I plug it in the green light slowly flashes. But it will not turn on.

      I tried the power off of the power supply and then waited overnight and no success.

      • I have the same issue.  I just unboxed my seagull pro lite.   it is pulsating green after 24 hours of charging, but when I disconnect the charging plug it is DEAD.   Any help appreciated





Viewing 7 reply threads
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