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Won’t clean walls

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    • I just purchased a Aiper Seagull Pro and in auto or wall mode, the unit will not climb the wall.  It starts, but backs up, some times tries again or it does circles and wheelies in the pool.  I do have a painted pool, but this shouldn’t be an issues, my other cleaners didn’t have issues with walls. 

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      I have the same problem as Dave. My seagull pro is  about 2 months old. I have only seen it clean walls twice (first month) when in wall+floor mode. I didnt think much of it at first. When I wanted to try the only clean-wall mode recently,  the green lights automatically switched off  when the knob was turned to that mode. I tried many times on different days,  turning knob back to power off, then turn to the 3rd mode again. Same result, the machine just shut down when turned to wall-only mode.  Why is that?

      (By the way, my pool is rectangular shape, no slope or steps.)

      Hope to hear a reply soon. Thanks.

    • Hi Ann and Dave,


      First of all, I apologize for the late reply. I attempted to bring this up to R&D, and it slipped my mind to reply to you both. I haven’t discovered anything yet, is it possible to take a video of the issue you’re both experiencing?



    • Same issue here as well.  I saw it work properly the first couple of times I put it in but it no longer climbs the walls.  It gets itself into a vertical position on the wall but doesn’t climb.  It just sits there for a couple of seconds and then backs up and proceeds to the next section of wall like it is supposed to.  I also noticed it doing wheelies along the bottom of the pool today so seems like there is an issue with buoyancy and propulsion up the wall.  Please provide feedback.  I have only had it since Aug 6th, 2023.

    • I bought my Seagull Pro in October of 2023 and this week it decided that it doesn’t want to climb walls any longer. It will make one (1) successful climb once it reaches the bottom of the pool. After the one climb, it will re-position itself then climb about 1/4 of the wall on all subsequent passes. This is true regardless of the water depth – our pool depth ranges from 3′ – 7′.

      It has no problem cleaning the pool floor – and does an amazing job with that.

      I suppose I will ask for a replacement unit, or at least some replacement parts.

    • Hey all,

      Same as my new seagull Pro. Won’t climb walls unless I help it up. Sit in limbo at the curve of the edges by my pool. It has a fairly gentle slope at one end then curve around all the corners.

      It does the floor really well, I just thought it would do my walls, if I knew I would have saved $$ and go the cheaper one just for the floor.

    • Mine arrived 3 days ago. I have tried to use it on two separate occasions and it will not climb the wall. Doesn’t appear to have enough suction to complete that task. Instead it shapes up to the wall, tries to climb the wall before floating backwards and trying again. I am hoping there is a way to improve/fix this issue. I don’t really know how it goes just doing the floor as it seems to just drive down to the deep end  and do circle work down that end. Was a lot of $$$ to still have a dirty pool.

    • I had a similar experience.  Even got a replacement unit and it did the same thing.  Being an engineer, I tried to figure out why it would climb walls sporadically and the only thing I came up with was that it must have some trapped air in the unit somewhere that is not allowing the propulsion fans to overcome its buoyancy.  This is particularly true when it is doing wheelies across the bottom of the pool.  I have no started rotating the unit as I submerge it to try and get the air out and it has been working fine with that simple added step.  Hope it helps for you as well.

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      • Hi Nick! @935murphy , what do you mean started rotating the unit? Which way were you rotating and when? And how far were you rotating under water without actually getting in yourself

        • As you are lowering it into the pool by the handle I would twist it right and left so that the wheels point up and down and then tip the unit front and back as well.  The goal is to try and get any residual air out of the unit from the insertion process.  Hope that helps.

    • Hi I have the same issue. Cleans the bottom of the pool well, but comes to the walls and thinks about climbing it and starts to but then backs down. I have the Seagull Pro, I have a pebblecrete pool and have tried in auto and wall mode with the same problem.

    • Mine will not even climb out of deep end?  Clean filter, fresh charge, and a fiberglass pool.  Said in purchase information that it worked well with fiberglass pools.

    • I have the same problem. It climbed up the wall just once and then gets stiluck in a corner and even when pushed out it returns and stays there until the batery is finished. My pool is only 10 m2 and it does not clean it with one charge





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