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won’t hold a charge

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    • I purchased my Aiper last summer. It has done great up until now. It will not hold a charge . I plug it in and the red light comes on. Turns green when it is charged. But when I put it in the pool it moves about 3/4 ft and stops.  I take it out of the pool and it has no charge to it at all. What can I do to fix this if there is anything. The sad thing is the season is almost over and I am really going to need this robot to make sure everything is cleaned up before I close it down. I run it a couple times a week just to keep my pool maintained and it has done a fantastic job. Any advise is greatly appreciated. I know I registered it last year just not for sure if the warrenty is still good. Please advise. Thank you.

      Best Regards,

      Beverly Kelley

    • Hello Beverly,


      Thank you for reaching out. It seems that this may be an issue on our end. Please reach out to our VIP customer service line at with both your original order confirmation number and a video of the issue and they will be sure to handle your situation as a priority.






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